Why choose My Holiday Fair?


School Holiday Shops are EASY, FUN, and EDUCATIONAL for elementary school kids! My Holiday Fair is an organized, pre-packaged, easy holiday shop we send to your school, so your kids can buy gifts for their loved ones. Simply reserve your My Holiday Fair package and then pop the top & shop with our all in one boxes! We offer great benefits such as:

Sign-up Bonuses
Free promotional materials
No risks or up-front costs
No fees or shipping charges
No counting inventory

Why host an in school holiday shop?

Because the Kids Love It!

School Holiday Shops, or Santa Shops, provide students something to get excited about and a break from their usual routine.

Pride in Giving
Break from Routine
Genuine Excitement
Feeling of Independence
Social Time with Friends
Boost in Morale

Because the Teachers Love It!

In school holiday shops provide teachers a way to expose students to real life applications of math, budgeting, and problems solving.

Real Life Applications
Mature Communication
Universal Design Learning
Develops Decision Making
Problem Solving
Student Happiness

5 steps to start and run a my holiday fair in school gift shop

A Fun, Easy Holiday Shop for Your Kids, Delivered to Your School

With My Holiday Fair, your school can sponsor an easy holiday shop your kids will love and look forward to every year!

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