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School Holiday Shops are EASY, FUN, and EDUCATIONAL for elementary school kids! My Holiday Fair is an organized, pre-packaged, easy holiday shop we send to your school, so your kids can buy gifts for their loved ones. Simply reserve your My Holiday Fair package and then pop the top & shop with our all in one boxes! We offer great benefits such as:

Sign-up Bonuses
Free promotional materials
No risks or up-front costs
No fees or shipping charges
No counting inventory

Why Host an In-School Holiday Shop?

Because the Kids Love It!

School Holiday Shops, or Santa Shops, provide students something to get excited about and a break from their usual routine.

Pride in Giving
Break from Routine
Genuine Excitement
Feeling of Independence
Social Time with Friends
Boost in Morale

Why Host an In School Holiday Shop?

Because the Teachers Love It!

In school holiday shops provide teachers a way to expose students to real life applications of math, budgeting, and problems solving.

Real Life Applications
Mature Communication
Universal Design Learning
Develops Decision Making
Problem Solving
Student Happiness

Welcome to My Holiday Fair!

My Holiday Fair is EASY, FUN, and EDUCATIONAL for your school children! My Holiday Fair is an organized, easy holiday shop we send to your school, so your kids can buy gifts for their loved ones. Order your My Holiday Fair school and pop the top, & shop! We offer great benefits:

Sign-up Bonuses
Free promotional materials
No risks or up-front costs
No fees or shipping charges
No counting inventory

What Are School Holiday Shops & Why Do Them?

What is My Holiday Fair?

My Holiday Fair is a portable gift shop for elementary-aged kids. It is quick to set up and doesn’t cost the school anything. The unsold items are returned along with the money made from the sold items. Generally, schools set up their shop in the gym, cafeteria, or library and allow classes to visit the shop one or two at a time to browse and purchase their items. Students are encouraged to budget their money and can choose from gifts for family, friends, or fun items for themselves. It can also be used as a fundraiser if the items are marked up (generally by about %10), then the school keeps the additional funds.

Why Host an In School Holiday Shop?

Universal Design Learning

Today’s curriculum encourages teachers to utilize multiple modalities of learning in their lesson plans.  This Universal Design Learning means that learning happens in visual, auditory and kinesthetic forms for maximum retention.  An in-school holiday shop is a great way for kids to learn multiple real-life skills in a fun environment that is educational as well.

Promotes Problem Solving Skills

When you have an in school Santa shop, you’re providing your child an opportunity to experience the fun and learning involved with shopping.  Students get the opportunity to buy gifts while learning valuable life skills.

Real Life Applications of Math & Budgeting Skills

When browsing the holiday store, your child will be faced with decisions related to budgeting, and will have to utilize math skills in order to get the items they want while also keeping in mind the reality of their budget.

Teaches Decision Making & Problem Solving Skills

School holiday shops not only encourage real life math skills, but also decision making and problem solving skills as well.  Students will have to figure out how to best utilize their budget to make their desired purchases.

Promotes Independence

In-school stores provide a real-life experience for your child in the safe and controlled environment of your school.  Your child will be left with a feeling of independence in being able to make decisions and purchases on their own.  These events are fun, empowering and educational.

Allows for Socializing With Friends

School shops are a great way to facilitate socializing in school.  The students will have a blast browsing the great items and sharing their findings with their friends.  Students will also have the opportunity to engage in conversation with teachers and volunteers as well.

Inspires Mature Communication (through checkout process)

Students will have to navigate more mature conversation in order to complete their purchases.  This is an excellent learning opportunity and further promotes independence.

Provides a Fun & Education Break From School

In all, My Holiday Fair provides schools with a fun and educational break from the everyday routine of the school day.  Kids enjoy the school shops while learning valuable life skills at the same time.

Morale Booster as Semester Winds Down

As the school year winds down, there can be a dip in the overall morale of your school as everyone anticipates the coming changes.  Mix things up with an in-school holiday shop and get the smiles back!

Gives a Chance to Buy Gifts in Private

It can be difficult for a child to legitimately “surprise” their parents or siblings with a gift because they are unable to go make the purchase on their own.  Holiday stores in the school offer an opportunity for students to finally keep their gifts a secret until it’s time to open them!

Fun for Parents to Receive the Gifts Their Kids Choose

Keeping the surprise alive isn’t just fun for the kids, it’s fun for the parents as well!  Students will be able to genuinely surprise their parents and siblings with gifts from My Holiday Fair, and the gifts you will receive are sure to light up your heart!

5 steps to start and run a my holiday fair in school gift shop
Customer in Desoto, Tx
“I’m very excited. I have definitely decided that we will have My Holiday Fair Store again, because it was such a SUCCESS. The students love the Store and so did the staff. The Holiday Fair Store was so organized and exciting, the students really enjoyed the Store.”
Customer in Windsor, PA
“The selection of the merchandise is great. The students had a wonderful time shopping for their families.”

A Fun, Easy Holiday Shop for Your Kids, Delivered to Your School

With My Holiday Fair, your school can sponsor an easy holiday shop your kids will love and look forward to every year!

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