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Boy_EasyEasy Holiday Shop For Your School

My Holiday Fair is an in-school holiday shop that comes in pre-organized boxes with over 100 different items for students to choose from. There is no set-up, no counting inventory, and no cost to your school. We provide all of the promotional material and any other supplies you’ll need.  My Holiday Fair can be purely for the benefit of your students, or you can use it as an easy fundraiser for your school. Either way, we do the hard work for you. You just Pop the Top and Shop!

Crayons_FunMy Holiday Fair is a fun

My Holiday Fair is a fun, exciting program that allows your children to shop for their friends and family. They can surprise their loved ones with special gifts they can choose and buy independently! Because we include all the professionally-developed promotional items that you need to run a great sale and we package all the gifts in easy trays, the sale will be fun for you, too!

Books_EducationalUnique Educational Experience

My Holiday Fair provides a unique educational experience for the children at your school. Children can choose from to buy a toy for themselves, a mug for their dad, or a hand-painted dish for their mom.

Owl_Risk_Free100% Guarantee

With 75 years of holiday shops, My Holiday Fair stands behind our sales and our merchandise. All of our products are 100% guaranteed. The merchandise is on consignment, which means that you only pay for what you sell. You return everything you do not sell, even if the items are broken or damaged. And we pay for the shipping. We stand behind what we do!

Success Stories
Sinking Springs, PA

"We were very happy with your products and service last year! We appreciate your generous Signing Bonus offer."

Desoto, Tx

"I'm very excited. I have definitely decided that we will have My Holiday Fair Store again, because it was such a SUCCESS. The students love the Store and so did the staff. The Holiday Fair Store was so organized and exciting, the students really enjoyed the Store."

Irving, TX
Caroline’s Dad

"This is the easiest store we've ever done. Love the boxes!! (tray bins) I can't imagine going back to the old way of sorting and stacking ever again."

Clinton, Maryland

"Our holiday sale was a huge success."

Chino, California

"The women taking the orders were very kind and helpful, since I had never done this before. Thanks again and I would definitely recommend your company to others!!"

Palm Springs, FL

"My Holiday Fair is the easiest Santa Shop we have ever used"

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